FAQ 常见问题

1) Why is the annual sponsorship so high? 为什么每年的赞助费这么高?

Mae Hong Son does not grow much food locally, except for food such as rice, bananas and pumpkins. Most food products are transported from Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son, hence the high cost of food.


2) Who decides which child to sponsor? 谁决定哪个孩子可获得赞助?

The monks from Dhammagiri Foundation overseeing the sponsorship programme visit the applicants’ home to assess their needs and backgrounds.


3) Are the religious background of the children taken into account during selection phase? 儿童的宗教背景是否成为筛选条件? 

Children are selected based on their family background and school results (see Section B, Criteria of sponsorship and bursary), not their religious background.


4)  Can I choose the child I want to sponsor? 我可以选择所要赞助的孩子吗?

The sponsorship funds are used for the children, without any specific assignment of any child to any sponsor. This is to ensure that all children at Dhammagiri Children are treated equally and will receive sponsorship.

5)  Can I give the annual sponsorship in installments? 我可以以分期付款的方式给予赞助吗?

We are unable to accept installments for annual sponsorship. This is to ensure ease of running the sponsorship programme and to keep administrative costs as low as possible.


6) How many children are there at Dhammagiri Children and are there plans to expand this programme? 法山有多少个孩子?是否考虑扩大这个计划?

Dhammagiri Children currently supports 60 children. In the most recent application round, it received more than a hundred sponsorship applications, and only less than a quarter were supported due to the limited space and finances of Dhammagiri Children. We hope to expand the programme, but only when the donation sources are steady.


7) How do I know my donation is used well? 我们如何得知所捐的款项被善用?

Donations to Dhammagiri Children are received with gratitude and used with integrity. The Dhammagiri Children’s accounts are being audited by the Thai government, and sponsors will receive updates about the children’s academic performance, so they know that the children are doing well in school and are benefiting from their kind sponsorship.


8) Can I donate in amounts of less than SGD500? 我可以捐出少于新币500元吗?

Yes, certainly. We welcome all donations, but we ask that the minimum donation be S$10, as Dhammagiri Children bears the processing fees and bank charges. 

9) How can I visit Dhammagiri? 我如何去法山?
You are most welcome to join the activities in Dhammagiri organized by Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha, such as meditation retreats and Dhammagiri Mae Hong Son Tour. For details, please see here.
我们欢迎您参与新加坡护法苑在法山举办的活动, 例如禅修营和法山湄宏顺之旅。 详情请看这里