Monday, 20 April 2015

Community Service at a funeral wake at Wat Pah Ban Mai (WPBM)

Recently, the children performed community service for 3 nights at a funeral wake at WPBM. 
They helped prepare drinks, served them with titbits, decorated, washed & cleaned up.
On cremation day, the children served breakfast, lunch & drinks, washed & cleared up. 
They then joined the family in pulling the deceased's wake from temple to cremation grounds.
There the children helped to serve drinks, later cleared up.
As the deceased did not have a male family member, his mum requested for volunteers to ordain as novice monks for a week. One of our Children, P, 12 years old volunteered.
He held himself very well during the ordination ceremony & eased himself effortlessly as a good novice. 
We were so proud of him!
The family was very grateful for the children’s help & support.
The children indeed have continuously “gave back” to their community, from Life till Death….