Monday 20 April 2015

Visit & Donation by Lecturers, Architects, Staff Members & Friends of KMIT (Thonburi), Silpakron, Chulalongkorn & Burapha Universities

17 generous people from the above universities braved more than 17 hours on the road, came, visited us & donated books, sports equipment, toys, clothes, food & snacks.
They sorted, arranged & helped us put the books in our Library!
They later played games with the children using the sports equipment they donated.
Everyone enjoyed themselves especially the children!
They also shared dinner with the children & joined our evening session.
Thank you very much Khun Nuy & everyone from the universities & their friends for all their kind donation!!
We appreciate them very much!!

Personal Hygiene Tips, Hands Washing Steps & Importance of Balanced Diet

Ms Sumittha (in white blouse), former nurse from France had stayed at our Dhammagiri Home for about 2 weeks volunteering at our Home. 

She was an invaluable volunteer who had contributed much during her stay. 

She once taught our children personal hygiene tips, hand washing steps & also the importance of eating a balanced diet on 4 February 2015.

She was assisted by Phra Ong Jr who translated from English to Thai ans Ms Marjolaine Obrist who partnered her.

Merci Beaucoup!

Au Revoir! & Bonne Chance!

Letter of Thank You from Ms Marjolaine Obrist

In February, Ms Marjolaine Obrist, from Switzerland stayed at Dhammagiri Children's Home for about 2 weeks.

Attached are her letter to us.

Community Service at Wat Pah Banmai’s Novitiate Programme

Some of our children have been helping out at Wat Pah Banmai’s novitiate programme since it began on 31 March 15.

They wash, cut & prepare food, cook, prepare drinks & desserts, serve, wash, sweep & clean up throughout the programme.

Visiting Relatives During Holidays & Songkran April 2015

Recently, some of our children visited their relatives in their villages for Songkran.

They participated in the hand-washing & water pouring ceremonies.

The children shared their vegetables produce & some donated food with their relatives.

On another similar visit, the children also visited a waterfall.