A day in the life of...孩子们的每一天

Daily Routine During School Days

The children wake up by 4.30 am. They wash up & brush their teeth.

At 5 am, they start their daily morning chant in Thai & Pali.

After 15 minutes, they sit meditation for about 15 to 30 minutes.

After which, the children listen to a dhamma talk or briefing.

After the group session around 5.45 am, the children clean the Home building - their dorms, corridor, common areas, toilets, with the boys cleaning their section & the girls theirs.

Meanwhile a few children will prepare & cook breakfast.

Some of the children preparing & cooking their breakfast.

Next, the children shower & dress in their uniform.

They then eat their breakfast together.

After breakfast, they wait for the monks to return from their alms-rounds.
Upon resorting the food, the children offer the food which they'd cooked with the alms food.

The children then leave for school in the donated school bus.

The school bus ferrying the children leaving the Home for school.

The Children crossing the zebra-crossing enroute to entering their school.

In the late afternoons, the children are picked-up from their respective schools by the Home's staff in the school bus.

Usually, a few children would depart to the market in another vehicle to buy vegetables & food to be cooked for the following day's meals.

Upon return to the Home, the children do their daily chores of watering all the plants, planting vegetables & fruits, sweeping the grounds off leaves, mowing the lawn, sweeping & mopping the cemented areas of the Home, cleaning their toilets & daily cleaning of their dorms.

From 5 pm, a few children prepare & cook dinner.

At 6 pm, the children eat dinner altogether.

After dinner, they wash, clear & clean up the dining & kitchen areas.

Sometimes the children play in the river, ride their bicycles, play sports when they have time.

At 7 pm, they start their daily evening chant, followed by meditation sitting about 15 to 30 minutes.
Next, they listen to a dhamma talk. Sometimes, the person-in-charge inquires from each child of how was his/her day.
Other times, the Children discuss & decide on their programmes.

Later, the children do their homework, some using the desktops. Sometimes, they learn English.

At 10 pm, lights out & the children go to bed.

Special Programmes 

Art Programmes

8 Precepts & Meditation Camps at nearby temples