Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dhamma Camp at Wat Pah Banmai @ Mae Hon Son, Thailand during Makha Bucha March 2015

Recently some of the children participated in a 5-day Dhamma Camp held at Wat Pah Ban Mai in conjunction with Makha Bucha 2015, joining other 100 children from neighbouring villages.
They learnt dhamma, chanting, meditation & participated in the activities eg group discussions on their ideal world which they later presented. They also shared on their experiences & learning.
Throughout the 5-day camp, the children helped out in the preparation & cooking of food, preparation of drinks, serving food & drinks, washing the utensils, cleaning up, throwing out garbage, among other chores.

One of our children presented brilliantly of her group's ideal world, fielding all questions with much confidence, poise, charm & wit. 
We all were so proud of her!